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A none-too-popular (nor good) radio singer, Rita Wilson is murdered while singing on the air in a radio studio. Radio page boy, Frankie Ryan, and his janitor pal, Jeff, solve the mystery for the none-too-sharp police.
The diminutive Frankie Darro made eight films with Manlan Moreland–making their pairing one of the most unusual in screen history. Unfortunately, however, most of their films were pretty ordinary or sub-par B-movies with little to recommend them today. But, unlike the rest, this film is actually pretty enjoyable and holds up pretty well.<br/><br/>When I watched &quot;Up in the Air&quot;, I felt I&#39;d seen it before–and I had. This film was remade only five years later as &quot;There Goes Kelly&quot;. In addition, variations on this plot were made by Abbott &amp; Costello and others–including Claude Rains. So, for old movie buffs, it&#39;s likely that you&#39;ll have seen something like it as well.<br/><br/>The film begins like all Darro/Moreland films–Darro is a very eager and rather hyper young man who has dreams of being so much more. Although employed as a page at a radio network, he has dreams of being an executive or even a detective. So, when an obnoxious diva is killing there, Darro immediately springs into action to try to solve the crime. And, being a B-movie, he actually DOES! It&#39;s all enjoyable and works out well except for one problem. About midway through the film, Darro and Moreland recreate a skit made famous in vaudeville by Ben Carter and Moreland. And, since Carter and Moreland were black men, Darro dons black-face and does a routine that is highly reminiscent of Moran and Mack or the original Amos &#39;n Andy! Seeing this white guy in black makeup is just cringe-worthy and sad.
UP IN THE AIR is a slight comic murder mystery about a singer who is murdered while singing live on the radio in a popular studio. A couple of characters who happened to be in the area at the time decide to investigate with typically bumbling consequences.<br/><br/>The youthful Frankie Darro is the hero of the piece; he&#39;s a diminutive chap but sparkling with energy and thus proving to be a more than adequate protagonist. The script is fairly episodic but there are some good jokes littered throughout the narrative and at just an hour in length this film doesn&#39;t really have the time to outstay its welcome. Some songs are included to enliven things and pad out the running time. The biggest asset is the great Mantan Moreland, who bags all of the funniest lines and reaction shots. Be warned, a blackface interlude may be off-putting for sensitive viewers.

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