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Two crooks attempts to blackmail a rich hotelier in order to get a huge sum of money. The plan goes horribly wrong as the hotelier is murdered and they have no choice except keeping his body to show him alive in order to be safe from law.
After the passing away of her parents, wealthy Pooja Sahni lives with her paternal uncle, Balram, and both of them operate a five-star Hotel, with plans to open buy another one in Goa. Balram hires two waiters, Johnny and Jimmy, as Johnny is the brother of his deceased Accountant, Ram Prasad Gupta; while Jimmy was hired at the behest of a politician from Bihar. When Balram finds out that both Johnny and Jimmy are here because they had found out that he had embezzled a total of 30 Crores Rupees and want a share, he hires Dilher and his brothers, Hans, and Jazzy, to do away with them. Balram chooses to have them killed in scenic Mauritius, where Pooja's friend, Kim, also runs a hotel. When Dilher finds out about the 30 Crore embezzlement, he asks his brothers to get the money, kill Balram and ensure that Johnny and Jimmy get the blame. Things get way out of control when Hans and Jazzy find out that Balram is virtually indestructible and may well expose the trio for attempting to kill him. Watch how Johnny and Jimmy take advantage of this situation and do their bit to find and keep the 30 Crore amount for themselves.
I&#39;ll start this review with a confession: I&#39;m a super fan of Saif Ali Khan. In my eyes he can do no wrong. With his plummy accent, beautiful brown eyes, and oodles of charm, he can put across the saddest melodrama, the stupidest &quot;comedy,&quot; the squishiest romance…Well, anything really.<br/><br/>But before &#39;Omkara,&#39; I was quite prepared to accept that he couldn&#39;t really act. It&#39;s his personal magnetism that works for me, rather than his histrionics. What girl wouldn&#39;t love an Eton-educated professional, who&#39;s also a plain nice guy, and really hot too? (See &#39;Kal Ho Naa Ho&#39;…) <br/><br/>But he&#39;s proved himself–and he didn&#39;t really need Filmfare to confirm it. So what I really want to know is, what&#39;s he doing in tripe like this? It can&#39;t be for lack of offers? <br/><br/>Saif and (my other favorite)Sanjay Dutt essay the roles of two down and out crooks up for a big score which involves Bipasha Basu, Kim What&#39;s Her Name, some scenery-munching guest appearances, and Shakti Kapoor as a corpse with a strange proclivity for steel drum music (don&#39;t ask).<br/><br/>I have to admit, some of it is pretty funny in a &quot;it&#39;s Saturday afternoon and I haven&#39;t anything else to do so why not?&quot; sort of way, but if you&#39;re expecting the next big thing from Saif (and I was!) you&#39;ll be sort of shocked and definitely disappointed.<br/><br/>This is definitely not the film to earn him the &quot;King Khan&quot; crown…
knowing that this had been made way back before Saif was a respected actor but only just recently released i viewed it with trepedition.<br/><br/>Having not expected much i was surprised to find that i actually liked it. Okay, so saif&#39;s hairline recedes in some of the songs (oviously filmed at a later date) and his, Sanjay&#39;s, Bipasha&#39;s and Kim&#39;s looks do keep changing. The songs are not memorable and the plot is just plain weird.<br/><br/>However, Saif gives the kind of cheeky-but-charming performance he is well known for and Sanjay impressed me in a comedy role. Bipasha looks young and beautiful.<br/><br/>It involves two opposite-personality kind of thieves who get jobs at Bips&#39; hotel in order to steal some money. Once there a lot of jokes (and of course, romance) ensue. Personally i find it really picks up when they jet off to Mauritius and find the guy they are trying to take money from is dead. From there on in they need to pretend he is alive and so walk with him, dance with him etc to make it seem so. This basically covers the second half of the movie. You might say that such a joke is in bad taste (and perhaps so) but by the time the dead body is being revived by some local mauritius pop song and boogying its way to where the money is hidden, you won&#39;t care. Seriously hilarious.<br/><br/>I fully believe that with a few tweaks to the script, some more money, better songs etc this film could have been a hit!

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